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This podcast seeks to educate, motivate and inspire you, the pro-life Christian; so you can help to save and change lives, for life and for Christ.


Are you pro-life? Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of women making pregnancy decisions? Do you want to see lives saved and changed? Sometimes in today's culture, having a pro-life belief can have you feeling like you're going against the tide. Beth Bissonnette, an Executive Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center for 23 years, will help educate you in pro-life topics, motivate you to get excited to be involved in pro-life ministry including at the Pregnancy Resource Center and inspire you with women's stories and positive ways the Pregnancy Center loves and supports women before, during and after pregnancy.

Support Groups

The Heartbeat of the

Pro-Life Ministry

with Beth Bissonnette


What Is a Pregnancy Help Center?

Pregnancy Resource Centers exist to inform women and men facing unexpected or unsupported pregnancies about their options. They believe that everyone deserves to get evidence-based information on pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and parenting from a place that does not benefit from their choice and without pressure, coercion or a sales-pitch involved.

Pregnancy Centers provide free pregnancy services to anyone in need and many of these services include pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, options information, pregnancy support, limited STD testing, parenting classes, material assistance and meeting practical needs, after abortion support, and more. 

Pregnancy Centers do not perform or make referrals for abortion.

Pregnant Woman and Partner
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